Kate was deafened by the earplugs and blinded by the mask, restricted to just a little movement and all she could do was FEEL.  Mason had brought her to his private club, Winterheart, with promises to fulfill her wildest fantasies.  

That was months ago and she had been blind and deaf ever since. He only ever fed her tasteless gruel and kept her restrained, allowing only a little exercise each day before she was returned to the tiny cage and then strapped back to her table for the nightly entertainment.  How long would he keep her like this? Was it forever?  

Her wait for an answer was nearly over, because tonight was the last night she would have arms, he was planning to have them removed and then she would be his private sex fixture forever, her husband would never find out what had happened to her.


She was waiting, both afraid and aroused, the gritty stairs against her chilled flesh and the cool air raising goosepimples all over her body.  The metal of the cuffs cut into her wrists uncomfortably and the hood was stifling, trapping the warmth of her breath and distorting all sound, amplifying her own breathing and occasional sobs and muffling all others.  Was that a footstep?  was someone else here?  She wanted to cry out, to beg and scream for help, but fear restricted her heart and she sat, trembling and alone for hours on the steps, completely unaware of when he had arrived, walking quietly up toward her and standing over her, just enjoying the helpless sight of her, dirty and nude and ready.  When he yanked the hood off of her, she was momentarily blinded, but her eyes got wide as they adjusted and she focused on who it was over her… Mason.

"Hello Xuisse… did you enjoy your flight?"  He had paid a premium to have her brought over from her home country and left here, and he was planning on enjoying every second of taking that price out of her body.  "We have such an eventful week ahead of us, try to enjoy it without too much screaming."  He said with a smile as he reached for her, and at the very first touch of his hands she came hard.  Her death would be a long, slow one, and she would beg and plead for him not to kill he rover and over and over again, but she would still enjoy all he did to her over that week before a mixture of abuse and exhaustion became just too much for her and her heart gave out in the middle of their last session together…

And then she would spend some time in his chest freezer, just so much smooth, tasty meat that he would eat a little at a time and savour every bite as she became a part of him forever.


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I'm trying to find that one post you reblogged- it was about a girl being transformed into Pinky Pie from MLP. It was called something along the lines of whore horse, i think


The padlock is missing

My limbs removed, my vision taken from me, I’m his toy to play with.